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May 2017

Beautiful new convertible Rolls Royce Dawn. Photo by Ken Matthias.
2018 Ford GT 647 HP Supercar. Photo by Ken Matthias.
New Audi R8 Spyder. Photo by Ken Matthias.
Triumph up for auction at Motorshow. Photo by Ken Matthias.

2017 Edmonton Motorshow

Spring 2017


Ken Matthias - CCAB -

April 22, 2017



For some, paint and marble are the perfect mediums to express beauty. For others, it is portrayed in metal, glass, rubber, and horse power.


On April 20-23, 2017, Northlands Exposition Grounds once again hosted one of Canada's largest displays of automotive advances and history. The 2018 models of most manufacturers, elegant new concept cars, exotic foreign and domestic beauties, and classic cars all graced the showroom floor both awing and making dreamers of many.


Over two hundred classics were auctioned off at the 7th Annual Collector Car Auction, from European roadsters to American muscle, many beautifully restored to their former glory. Ferrari's, Aston Martin’s, and luxury cars like the Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible complete with suicide doors worth upwards of a half million were on display in the Exotica Gallery, and many attendees got the only chance they will likely ever have to sit in a Nissan GT-R, Ford GT 500 or an Audi R8 Spyder.


For the car lover, the annual event offers a smorgasbord of the highest calibre, attracting thousands of enthusiasts to view the newest of all makes under one roof and have the opportunity to place bids on classics and auto memorabilia difficult to find anywhere else. Many collector items were auctioned off such as signed posters of the original Fast & Furious movie with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.


Perhaps one of the highlights of the show is seeing the generational connections forming at the event. Grandparents and parents taking the time to pass on their love of cars. Little boys and girls carrying their bags with posters of shiny automobiles to hang on their wall. To some, it is simply smart marketing. But to the majority that attended the event, it is a participation in a culture of appreciation for automobiles that extends back as far as the history of car manufacturing goes.



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Wetaskiwin Music Festival Concert 2017

Ken Matthias - CCAB -

May 6, 2017



Giving tribute to Canada's 150th Anniversary, the Wetaskiwin Music Festival Concert showcased this year's 16 and under line up of piano, vocal, choir, string, instrumental and musical theatre participants and Overall Winners.


Performers as young as six years old up to sixteen years old took the stage in front of a full house in Wetaskiwin's United Church, May 6, 2017. The evening was entertainingly MC'd by Paul Sweet, stepping in for Scot Lorenson who was busy performing in the Manluk Theatre performance, Diamond Studs - The Life and Times of Jesse James.


The evening was a potpourri of styles and selections, from a choir performance by Norwood Elementary (Rhythym of the Rain), to a piano quartet (yes... quartet) by Jenna and Olivia Sonnenberg, Megan Strydom, and Gayle Anderson. Kyra Gusdal performed her classical selection she will be presenting at this year's Provincial competition, as well as young 12 & Under performer L.J. Edulan performing his vocal solo A Friend Like Me from Aladdin.


Musical Theatre numbers like Alayna Chrunik's I Really, Really Love You brought hearty laughter from the audience while Emily Jackson's tender rendition of She Used To Be Mine quieted the crowd.


In total, twenty-five performances were given capped off by five of the six Overall Performers showcasing their skills. The concluding instrumental was the Overall Piano Performer 16 & Under, and this year's Rose Bowl recipient, Lois Schultz, who played masterfully.


Overall Performers were;

Heidi Driedger - Overall String

Seamus MacQuarrie - Overall Junior Piano

L.J. Edulan - Overall Vocal 12 & Under

Megan Strydom - Overall Intermediate Piano

Kyra Gusdal - Overall Vocal 13 & Over

Lois Schultz - Overall Senior Piano & Rose Bowl Recipient


Heading to Provincials this year are L.J. Edulan, Kyra Gusdal, Carter Sonnenberg, Alayna Chrunik, Seamus MacQuarrie, Marcel Reisdorf, Michaela Strydom, Lois Schultz, Norwood Elementary School Choir, Sacred Heart Junior High Choir, and Dolce Canto.



Overall Senior Piano Performer and 2017 Rose Bowl Recipient Lois Schultz.

Photo by Ken Matthias.

Overall Performers 2017. (l-r) L.J. Edulan, Kyra Gusdal, Seamus MacQuarrie, Megan Strydom, Lois Schultz. (missing Heidi Driedger)

Photo by Ken Matthias.

Ethan Lewis - Stars Are With The Voyageur. Photo by Ken Matthias.
Alayna Chrunik - I Really, Really Love You. Photo by Ken Matthias.
Carter Sonnenberg - You've Got A Friend In Me. Photo by Ken Matthias.
Musical Guests multiply the enjoyment of evening. Photo by Ken Matthias.
Musical Director Paul Sweet. Photo by Ken Matthias.
Paul Sweet Directs Dolce Canto 2017 Spring Performance. Photo by Ken Matthias.

There Is Sweet Music Here

Dolce Canto - Spring, 2007

Ken Matthias - CCAB -

May 10, 2017


Sweetly Singing adequately describes the sounds filling the sanctuary of the Wetaskiwin United Church May 10, 2017, as the almost fifty member Dolce Canto Choir was joined by the Wetaskiwin String Ensemble and special musical guests.


The popularity of the group was evidenced once again by the sold out audience filling the seats to capacity long before the performance start time. Under the musical direction of Paul Sweet and accompanists Gayle Anderson and Arlene Krentz, the choir offered up eleven musical pieces ranging from locally written numbers to culturally popular tunes to spirituals. Dispersed between the choir's sets, five additional vocal and instrumental numbers were performed including a brilliantly performed piece by the Wetaskiwin String Orchestra entitled Spring, and a entertaining duet by Diane Fairhurst and Jan Hildebrand, Let's Call The Whole Thing Off.


This was the fourth Spring Performance for the choir, each year presenting the Spring Performance as well as a Christmas Concert in December. As to be expected from Director Paul Sweet, There Is Sweet Music Here was an evening of excellent music, each introduced by a choir member, with a good dose of humour tossed in. An enjoyable community event for all that attended.

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We are a collective of local professionals who have banded together to offer highly skilled, varied and personal service to our clients. We understand the culture and nuances of our region as well as maintaining a diverse network of resources and contacts to ensure our customer’s relevance and effectiveness in the marketplace.


Ken Matthias



Diamond Studs - The Life of Jesse James

Ken Matthias - CCAB -

May 29, 2017


The Wetaskiwin Theatre Society and the Waterworks Players continue to step up their game with their latest offering, 'Diamond Studs, The Life of Jesse James'.


The large cast and live musical section performed over the last two weekends in the greatly improved Manluk Theatre which has undergone extensive structural and stage modifications over the last year. A larger performance area, theatre seating, a renovated green room, new lighting and sound booth, and better access are just a few of the improvements to the facility which have greatly increased the usability and capability of the theatre.


The production was an ambitious undertaking  involving both rookie actors and singers  alongside of seasoned stage performers. Though a few showed the occasional nervousness, perhaps stepping into new territory for the first time, the majority of the show was well presented and thoroughly entertaining. Though many gave standout performances, special mention has to be given to the lead, Ryan Lindsay, who truly brought the legend of Jesse James to life.


The story of Jesse James was told with acting, song, dance and a dose of humour. Through it all, the almost capacity audience was drawn into the life of the western anti-hero, from the defeat of the Confederate Army, the banding together of the James and Younger boys, the almost legendary status attributed Jesse for robbing the Union North banks and trains, and finally, the cowardly killing of Jesse by the fame seeker Bob Ford.


We look forward to the continued growth of the performing arts in Wetaskiwin through the significant contributions of facilities like the Manluk Theatre, their army of volunteers, the many gifted actors, singers and musicians who love the arts, and the support of the public and local business.

Steampunk Hat, Camrose Steampunk Group
Jane Cherry's Steampunk Hat. Photo by Ken Matthias.

Editor's Desk

Ken Matthias - CCAB -


Expressing Your Steampunk


I have always loved having something to look forward to. I enjoy many things, but every now and then something stands out from the pack and is eagerly anticipated. The current one for me is the upcoming Steampunk Party on June 2, 2017 in Camrose, Alberta.


For me, it is an obvious choice; I am fascinated with history, I love anything creative, and Steampunk expresses itself in a very social setting. And come on... where else do you get the chance to strap on a sword, decked out in brass and leather, and board an airship? (okay... the airship may be imagined).


Steampunk draws inspiration from the Victorian Age, Industrial Age, the Age of Exploration and Expansion, and the Wild West. It is an optimistic, polite society that lives in the imaginary belief that possibilities are endless. There are amazing inventions yet to be made, wondrous places yet to be discovered, and legendary tales of bravery and chivalry waiting to be lived out. In many ways, Steampunk is a fantastical, futuristic reinterpretation of the past that asks the question what if the world had gone in a different direction?


Steampunk is expressed through fashion, social events, literature, and film. Well known works that either inspire Steampunk or they themselves have been influenced by Steampunk are Jules Verne 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, the band Abney Park, and movies Hugo, Wild Wild West, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


One of the biggest draws to Steampunk for me is the fact that it is rooted in reality. I love science fiction, but Steampunk's historical backdrop accommodates a deeply personal connection as a member of the human race. It is our story, our history, re-imagined.


Under the watchful eye of Arts Director, Jane Cherry, The Camrose Arts Society has been a strong proponent for creating a Steampunk Society in the area. This year's annual Jaywalker's Jamboree (June 2-3, 2017) will boast a Steampunk theme with the Steampunk Party featuring the popular band Punch Drunk Cabaret starting up at 6:30pm at the Bailey Theatre.

facebook: Camrose Steampunk Group





Arts Director Jane Cherry models Steampunk outfit with help of Steampunk Costuming Workshop Presenter Christie Mason. Photo by Ken Matthias.

Arts Director Jane Cherry models Steampunk outfit with help of Steampunk Costuming Workshop Presenter Christie Mason.

Photo by Ken Matthias.

Steampunk Clothing. Photo by Ken Matthias.