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From Ken Matthias, Editor CCAB


Good day!

I write to you in the hope you will be willing to partner with us in our project to connect, promote and develop the visual and performing arts community of our region. I am a patron and an advocate for the arts of all shapes and sizes. I truly believe that a region can be enriched by the strong presence of an arts community, or it can be impoverished by its absence or invisibility.


As the former editor a local newspaper, I saw firsthand how often many non-profit organizations and clubs went unnoticed due to their lack of resources to promote themselves well. The domino effect of this is that communities are unaware of their efforts and therefore form an inaccurate opinion of the community as never having anything to do. I have taken the initiative to counter this by the creation of, and aggressive promotion of the online ‘magazine’ CREATIVE Connections AB, set up with simple objectives; to become the central hub connecting the arts community to itself and the arts community with the region.


Utilizing a collective of skilled and professional  individuals,  the site features constant new editorial stories including extensive coverage and exposure of clubs, events and concerts, interesting interviews with influential local artists, ‘spotlights’ on up and coming talent, submitted tutorials and stories on various topics, historical pieces, and many other relevant topics. We will be attempting to feature as many avenues of creative expression as possible such as; music, dance, drama, poetry, photography, art, crafting, writing, etc.


Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) are able to access promotional and advertising services for free or at substantial lowered costs, and partners/sponsors are able to advertise services or specials as part of their commitment. The site has an extensive directory, a listing of all up and coming events/performances (with links), a classified section where people can buy/sell or list services, opportunities to advertise on editorial pages and eventually an interactive area where residents can submit comments, reviews, or thank you messages.



I am asking you to seriously consider partnering with this project. Creative Connection is set up as a business, but its future and effectiveness (how much time I can invest) will be determined by how much the communities and organizations get behind it. At the close of each year, the project will be reviewed to decide how beneficial it is, how viable it is, and what steps are required to increase its value to the Arts Community.


Please do not hesitate to call or invite me to come and meet with you to share the idea and passion for this project.


Thank you for your time.


Ken Matthias




Service Pricing and Benefits                                                


Non-Profit Organizations

Non Profit Organizations benefit from the following;

  • One free directory listing
  • Up to four free word classified ads per year
  • 50% off any advertising in the editorial pages
  • 50% off regular price of any Sponsor Commitment


Sponsors of the Arts

Yearly Commitment - $89/month

Quarterly Commitment - $99/month


Sponsors benefit from the following;

  • One free advertisement space (displayed for the term of the commitment)
    • Ad will be permanently displayed on the Sponsor’s Page as well as rotating into the editorial pages as room allows
    • Ad created by professional graphic artist
    • Ad can be changed once per month
    • Ad can be set to link directly to your website or displayed full size upon clicking
  • 25% off any additional advertising to be placed into editorial pages
  • Free permanent directory listing (one placement)
  • Free permanent classified listing  
  • 50% off setting up a table at the annual Awards and Recognition Banquet *
  • Sponsors will be listed in any outside materials we produce and recognized at annual Awards and Recognition Banquet *
  • Sponsors with a yearly commitment will receive two free banquet tickets to the annual Awards and Recognition Banquet *


* The viability of the annual Awards and Recognition Banquet will be dependent on interest, participation and ticket sales.



Launch Partners

Minimum Financial Commitment - $2500 ($500 to maintain active status in succeeding years)


Launch Partners benefit from the following;

  • All the benefits of Sponsors
  • Annual Profit Sharing Awards
  • Launch partner active status can be maintained for only $500 per calendar year
  • Public recognition and thank you through various media upon becoming partner
  • Top billing on the sponsor page and rotated into editorial pages with special thank you



Directory Listings

$5/month – single placement

$8/month – dual placement

  • Directory Listings will inserted into appropriate section and include title line, up to 25 word description, contact name, phone numbers (maximum 2), email and website link if applicable



Display Classified (Includes border and small graphic/logo) - $25 one time build fee PLUS; $8 month single placement - $12 month dual placement

  • Minimum one month placement
  • Classifieds should be related to or beneficial to Arts and Entertainment Community
  • Classifieds include up to 40 words (additional words at $0.25 each)
  • Classified cost includes placement of a “SOLD” or appropriate indicator as needed



Editorial Page Advertisement

Advertising cost would be subject to size, term and placement.

  • Basic Design is 1/3 width of screen by approx 500px height (Vertical Ad), or 2/3 of screen width by approx 350px height (Horizontal Ad). * Note - this is approximate as position of ad in issue dictates actual size (note - Vertical Ads are best on Smart Phones)
  • Advertising should be related to or beneficial to Arts and Entertainment Community