Editorial Guidelines


Creative Connection AB welcomes any individual, club, organization or business in the North Central Alberta region (generally Leduc and Wetaskiwin counties) to submit stories, photos or articles of interest. We ask however that all submissions to the editor are to be connected to and of interest to the Arts Community.


No submissions will be published that are self-promotional in nature unless requested and/or pre-approved by the editor. As a rule, event promotion, businesses and 'advertorial' style articles are to be placed as an advertisement, part of a 'sponsor' package or listed in the classifieds (see sales guidelines).


Submissions may be made to the editor with the understanding that Creative Connection AB reserves the right to edit and modify the submission, as well as having the right to modify or crop any pictures presented as they deem necessary due to size and/or appropriate content (for all ages). 


Please note that due to time, space, content and financial constraints, not all submissions will get published. Creative Connection AB will attempt to fairly cover as much as it can over as broad of an area as it can.


The Creative Connection AB editor and writers are willing to attend and cover events as availability and financial support of this project allows. It is asked however, due to the amount of potential events being covered in a week, that the event provides a minimum of one ticket (two is better) for the reporter to be set aside or picked up as to prior arrangement (in time, we hope that writers will be accompanied by an aide or shadowed by a junior writer). Please note that ALL of our writers will have an official Creative Connections AB Press Pass. No one should be admitted without one. Contact the editor with details of the event a minimum of three days prior to the event date.


Listings, Ads & Sales Information


Donating, placing advertisements, directory listings, classified ads or sponsor/partner packages.


To donate to the work of CREATIVE Connections AB in enhancing the local Arts Community, or to place a directory listing, classified ad or to inquire about costs and benefits of sponsor/partner packages, please contact our sales staff at:


or by phoning 780.970.2618


Pre-payment must be received prior to running the advertisement or listing.
Pre-payment can be made through etransfer or pre-approved cheques made out to "Kenetic Creative" (please contact sales staff for help), or through PayPal.


To pay by PayPal, please click below. 



Design Services


Creative Connection AB is a product of Kenetic Creative, a design and marketing collective of local, skilled and experienced professionals. Advertisements seen on Creative Connection AB are created by Kenetic Creative who provide a personalized service to bring life to your business or dreams. Whether your advertisement is a stand alone ad, or part of a sponsor/partner package, you can rest assured you will be dealing with local artists who live, create, work and play in the same places you do.