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January Issue Creative Connections AB

January 2016

Justice Cafe Singers

The Heart of a DJ

Cold Weather Care

February Issue Creative Connections AB

February 2016

From Russia with Love

The Global Artisan

Kym Simon Performs

Good Grief Charlie Brown

History of the Lathe

Open Mic

March Issue Creative Connections AB

March 2016

A Muse of Influence

Easter Musical Passion Play

Once Upon a Time

Different Pair of Shoes

Leap Year Curiosities

WCHS That 60's Show

April 2016

Wetaskiwin Musical Festival

Merle Haggard Tribute

Wetaskiwin Word Weavers

Art of Dye

Dolce Canto Choir

A Graphic Breakdown

Atomic Improv Fundraiser

May Cover, Creative Connections AB, Wetaskiwin

May 2016

Dolce Canto Performs

Chicken Ranch Sells Out

My Life as a Painting

Dalcon Visual Arts Opens

Youth Unlimited

Creative Connections AB June Cover

June 2016

AMFA Provincials

Hannah Anderson

Jaywalker's Jamboree

Steampunk Influence

Manluk Theater Seats

Word Weavers Readings

Creative Corner

Creative Connections AB July Issue Cover

July 2016

Wetaskiwin Air Show

Works Visual Arts Festival

Origins of Ochre

Never Stop Painting

August Cover Creative Connections AB

August 2016

Badlands Passion Play

House of Creativity

History of Image Capture

CentreFest Street Festival

September 2016

Firefly Acoustic Festival

Rock The Rails

Millet Gospel Concert

Bay 12 Gallery Tribute

New Seating at Manluk

October 2016

National Music Centre

The Hurdy Gurdy

Wintering with the Arts

November Creative Connections AB,

November 2016

The Gypsy

WCHS Performing Arts Night

Chuck MacLean Arts Centre

December Cover Creative Connections AB

December 2016

Wetaskiwin Winter Warm Up

HJ Bearchell Photography

Model Makers

A Night In Bethlehem

Creative Connections AB February 2017

February 2017

Stageworks Academy Turns 35

Open Mic Wetaskiwin

Science Fiction - Looking Backwards

Editor's Desk - Creative Balance

March 2017 Issue Creative Connections AB

March 2017

Mary Poppins

Honouring The Telharmonium

Stageworks No Limit Showcase

The Alberta Heritage Art & Writing Series

Editor's Desk - A Night Of Fun

April Cover CCAB Creative Connections AB

April 2017

WCFW Western Canada Fashion Week

Mill Woods Passion Play

Easter Art

Editor's Desk - In The Pit

May 2017

2017 Edmonton Motorshow

Music Festival Concert 2017

Sweet Music - Dolce Canto

Diamond Studs - The Life of Jesse James

Editor's Desk - Expressing Your Steampunk

June 2017

AMFA Provincials 2017

Jaywalker's Jamboree 2017

Wetaskiwin Art & Music Festival

Steampunk Party 2017

Artist Spotlight - Lorraine Shawley

Artist Spotlight - Kasandra McGill

Watoto African Children's Choir

Editor's Desk - Offering Ourselves

July Cover 2017

July 2017

Wetaskiwin Art & Music Festival

Canada 150

Artist Spotlight - Perry Anderson

The Smitties - Reunion Concert

Editor's Desk - Farewell

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Kenetic Creative utilizes the mediums of Advertising, Graphic Design, Word Craft and Photography to offer an exciting palette of solutions to our valued customers with a one-stop shopping approach to their varied needs.

We are a collective of local professionals who have banded together to offer highly skilled, varied and personal service to our clients. We understand the culture and nuances of our region as well as maintaining a diverse network of resources and contacts to ensure our customer’s relevance and effectiveness in the marketplace.


Ken Matthias